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  1. It was a pandemic of Massive amounts of time, death & frustration on 1918 .my Dad was 31almost 32 at Xmas, Mon was 6 both said the fear of being near a port city on East /So East Coast was tense,add to that WW1 .plus the travel that was upping the virus because of more building, travel, rations to troops. Plus people as causality of war&Flu.
    So my family mostly survived, save a few that went to war.
    Then in 29 my grandfather lost his car dealership. And passed from TB.
    My family went on to the 70’s and my last 93year old 1st cousin is still in New Orleans.
    What was on my dad’s side a 5th grade education, became dual college degrees, political positions, as well as Did, Lasers Pharmacy owners. We moved up. My mom had two degrees ,was a sports journalist, as well as advertising.
    So Flu, lost of money, family passing. We still made it.
    Now am not so certain it would have happened that way.


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